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We offen hear the question: "What is Feng Shui?". The few that have heard of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) only think of its esoteric type that was very popular in the West in the 90ies, but little do they know what is actually behind the whole system of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of balancing our physical environment to promote harmony and a sense of well-being. Through very detailed observations of nature around us, the Chinese created various concepts to make use of what they learned. One is the system of Feng Shui.

It is applied from a home’s natural surroundings down to its furnishings and decor. It can start with finding a suitable property first and planning a whole estate down to modifying apartments and single rooms.

We believe that everything (and everyone) is affected by a life force we call energy, or "chi" (Chinese) / "ki" (Japanese). How we arrange objects, work with colours and materials will affect our lives and how we interact with our surroundings. Based on the three-fold idea that man (human kind) is in the center between heaven and earth (a concept called "San Cai"), we make our best efforts to harmonize both the heaven and earth energies and make the best use of their potentials for our life and us personally.

Feng Shui gives us the opportunity to work with the potentials of creating wealth and health and enhance our careers and relationships. We believe this is a great start... Why don't you start applying its methods today?

2014 - The Year of the Wood Horse

The Year of the Horse is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar.

2014 is the Year of the Horse according to Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Horse starts from Jan. 31, 2014 (the Lunar New Year / Spring Festival of China) and lasts to Feb. 18, 2015.

The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is...

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Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are famous for its artful realisation of nature. Similar to Chinese gardens the aim is to reproduce the perfect natural landscape. Many Japanese gardens hence use the same or similar techniques that are known of the Chinese garden, where Feng Shui often is an integral part. Within the art of japanese gardens, the following types can be differentiated: the Pond Garden the Dry-Landscape Garden the Tea Garden the Enclosed Garden

  The Pond-Garden

The japanese...

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De-clutter and de-junk your mind

When you clear clutter you are not just clearing out old unwanted material things but you are actually de-cluttering your mind.

It is only in the process of throwing out material things that we actually realized that many of them (if not all) don't actually mean anything - they themselves definitely don't bring us happiness. And the more we think about it the more we realize how much clutter we have accumulated in our lifes already. And it is only then that we realize that clearing...

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How to re-energize small rooms

Ikea BookshelvesSmall rooms easily tend to become clutters, crowded and stuffed up with things. It is difficult to move in them and no one really enjoys spending any time in them. However, sometimes it is necessary to use a small room as a home office, kids or guest room. So what is the best strategy to re-energize these cramped in spaces?

Make sure that at least once a month you let fresh energy circle in all your small and cramped spaces. These could be the aforementioned small room but could also be...

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Cleansing Antique Furniture

For many an antique furniture is usually attached to with memories. It is the old cupboard from my grandfather. Do you remember how grandmother used to sit at the old desk and take us through her photographs?

For many others antiques are standing for a time long gone, for a more homely style that they so miss in modern furniture design. And for others yet it is a way of investing money.

Whatever your reason for buying and bringing in antique furniture to your life, make sure to cleanse it of...

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Working at home? How do you position your desk?

Similar to our post on how to best position your bed, we will now look at your home office. Again we are making use of the form school. We are looking for a protected area within the room so we can be concentrated and work. Even though generally a home office is well placed in a yang (e.g. warmer, lighter, more active) area of the house we are still looking for Qi collection to place our desk. Why? Well when we work, we like to be concentrated and not be distracted.

At the same time, we...

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Feng Shui Tips

2012 is the Year of the black water Dragon. These special Water influenced years are notoriously erratic in their outcomes but nevertheless considered fortunate time periods. In 2012 this Dragon year begins on January 23rd and continues until February the 9th in 2013. It indicates a transformational time for world events and important turning point...

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Feng Shui Tradition

Joseph Edkins released a book in 1873 called Chinese Buddhism. In this book, he dedicated Chapter XXI to Feng Shui. You'll find this chapter below. Due to its publishing date the book is now available in public domain. CHAPTER XXI. FENG-SHUI; OR, THE WIND AND WATER SUPERSTITION OF THE CHINESE. An obstacle to civilisation—...

Feng Shui Consultation

What is the use of a Feng Shui consultation? The aim for every Feng Shui consultation is the harmonization of a human being with their environment and surroundings. The first step is find out about the requirements and needs that y...

Energy Clearing & Cleansing

It is that time again... At least for the Northern hemisphere. It is winter... it is dark and it is cold. In old times, people adjusted to the seasons. the harvest was done and now came the time for rest, but in modern times, the job continues as nor...

Feng Shui Knowledge

The I Ching, "Yijing(易经)", Classic of Changes or Book of Changes; also called "Zhouyi(周易)", The changes of the Zhou, is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book is a symbol system used to identify order ...

Feng Shui Nature

An Introduction to Landscape and Garden Feng Shui In China garden design means that the space, even though artificially created, is as close to nature as it can possibly be. This stands in great contrast to Western garden designs, like the rena...

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